What is Goldtooth?


Goldtooth is a contemporary Vermouth made with herbs from Ibiza.

What is its ABV?

Goldtooth’s ABV is 15 percent.



Is it vegan?


Both the Original and the Blanco are vegan.



Does it contain gluten?





Where do you ship?


We currently ship to Europe only (excluding the UK), but we are working hard to make Goldtooth available globally. Send us an email and tell us where you’d like to see Goldtooth orders@goldtoothvermut.com

EU shipping_

• 1 bottle = €8

• 2 - 5 bottles = €10

• 6 bottles or more = €12



What if I live in Ibiza?


We deliver for free Island wide every Thursday. Minimum quantity: 1 case. Orders must be received by 12pm Wed. If you are having a party, and require delivery on another day please get in touch: orders@goldtoothvermut.com

When placing your order online use the following shipping settings: Spain / Islas Baleares / home address