75ml Goldtooth

4 melon cubes

2 pink grapefruit slices

50ml soda

50ml Cava

Stir in large ice filled copa de balon. Garnish with fruits.

75ml Goldtooth

1 clementine

Muddle clementine sections, swizzle with crushed ice in a large rocks glass. 

35ml Goldtooth

35ml Tanqueray 10

Stir with ice and strain into a chiled glass. Garnish with a rose petal that has been sprayed with citrus zest. 

35ml Goldtooth

35ml Mezcal

15ml Hibiscus

20ml lemon juice

Shake with ice and strain into a rocks glass over cubed ice. Garnish with a lemon twist. 

60ml Goldtooth

10ml honey syrup

50g Galia melon

20ml lemon juice

Muddle melon and hsake all ingredients, strain over cubed ice in a large goblet. Garnish with a melon slice. 

25ml Goldtooth

50ml Torres 15yr

5ml sour cherry syrup

Stir with ice and strain into a brandy baloon. Garnish with a lemon twist.  

75ml Goldtooth

5 fresh raspberries

120ml San Pelegrino Limonate or homemade lemonade

Shake Goldtooth with raspberries and strain into a highball glass, top up with Limonata. Garnish with 2 raspberries and a lemon slice. 

50ml Goldtooth

15ml apricot jam

20ml lemon juice

3 sprigs thyme

Shake and strain over cubed ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with a thyme bundle and lemon zest. 



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